monte, gret, and jeff are busy watching some show about a group of folks that are trying to save the world and somehow a cheerleader is involved. I understand that it is fairly popular…whatever

so brooks and i are hanging out and I decided to commit (i tried back in april) to blogging–my grandmother has asked me to write down all the funny things that my kids say and do. how can i forget i think to myself and then i realize she is forgetting something everyday…so here we go

1. While blog stalking some of my friends-brooks and I come across sweet christy’s blog and he says, “oh my gosh, she lives in texas with those two wolves-she is going to die!”

2. today a friend called me and asked if monte was in the advanced math class. i laugh-what is advanced math for fifth graders? apparently the math class that monte is currently in-go figure….

3. gretchen decided that she is tired of being the only girl in this house-yes- i do live in this house-but no one really has every accused me of being a girl. she is trying to get her brothers to dress up like girls for halloween….maybe i should use a pic of that for our christmas card-that will get the town talkin’

4. on hearing that he will have to dress like a girl for halloween-brooks yells out=i am not a girl-i am a football dog! football dog, football dog….really-i will take a pic and post it once i find out what that is!

5. we currently share our home with three dogs, one cat, one bearded dragon, and anywhere from one to fifty crickets. we have had the dogs for a long time-a very long time—–the cat was brooks’ birthday present because he wanted a pet. he is scared of reptiles so we bought him a cat. the cat is scared of brooks oh well. monte went with a friend to a reptile show the week we bought the cat and came home with a bearded dragon. now every single friday i have to stop at a pet store and by fifty crickets for the dragon to eat! maybe if i stop feeding the cat, the cat will eat the dragon and I can try to catch the crickets that brooks continues to let out-not let out-“train to do tricks” he tells me….good grief

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