i talked to my grandma tonight

my kids call her grandma the great

she lives in houston

she loves to garden

she loves to swim

she loves to read the bible

tonight she talked to me about her church

tonight she told me about the night she got baptized

she goes to a church that has tons of community-i hope to visit it someday

she wanted to get baptized and they told her they would be honored

she told them that she was too old

she was told that was nonsense

they did ask her why now as she sat in the water

she said she read a story of how her great grandson and great granddaughter were baptized by her granddaughter::she told them she had never been more proud::she said she had their courage::she said she has learned so much from kids::she told them she was nervous::

she wondered why it took her so long to decide

she told them she felt foolish being so old

they told her that was nonsense

a pastor helped her into the water

she cried

and in a rush let the water wash over her precious body

she has always been there for me

and we will always be together

i love you grandma

i love you dearly

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