last week, brooks had a christmas program at his school. fair enough-how bad could it be? first thing-we need to wear church clothes or something red. church clothes-red???? what is so wrong with burnt orange and shorts. not for this event not good enough. so i rush out grab some acceptable attire and gear up for the event.

in the mean time-brooks is practicing silent night…in spanish….can you sing it in english—do you know what you are saying….noche de a what?!?!?!?!?!?? he keeps singing in spanish-and none of us can help him…is his red shirt good enough–

the big day rolls around. rush home from work-throw brooks in the bath-how many days has it been??? i lay out his clothes and pray he doesn’t notice that he is not going to wear colt mccoy’s jersey—he bounds out of the bath-hops into his RED CHURCH CLOTHES and finishes off the look with his own faux hawk. good enough.

we load up, get to school, earlier-but right on time….and drop him off in his room. he is so excited. I can’t believe how excited he is . mom-i will be good-mom i will listen-mom don’t wave at me ’cause i won’t wave back-mom don’t worry i know my lines. my heart skips, i pause and smile and kiss his sweet cheek…i think-honey i know you are good enough,

i find my seat and we sit through the cutest play every-aren’t they all? sweet kids with sweet voices all singing to the King—what could be better-i think==then brooks takes the stage

i am not sure why they put him right in the middle… they start to sing…is he singing? they start to gesture-has he lost his place? they start to point? why isn’t he pointing? jeff….why isn’t he pointing..wait—is he fixing his hair!??!?!? come on brooks…noche de a whatever!!!!!

then the bring out the bells. yes bells for prekindergarteners…and they were AWESOME. the song starts and the bells ring. sweet girls and boys watching the chart to ring their bell as their color was pointed to…ring away angels ring away….jeff-is brooks ringing his bell? jeff why does brooks have one hand holding the bell and is the bell in his other hand? when is she going to point to dark blue bells? i run over-yes-i run over and check the chart…alas-no dark blue color to be had. he stood for the entire song-holding his bell waiting to ring-and nothing-he just waited….

but if you could have seen his face. he was so proud—a fantastic grin and smiling eyes…he best church shirt and an amazing hair do… he was proud-so proud of all the work he had done-all his practice-and he did the best he could do. he didn’t find his worth in how many times dark blue bells were on the chart. he stood tall and proud in the middle of those ringers and held his bell silent-

knowing that he was good enough

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