i knew because everyone told me it would

but i was not prepared

girl drama–no real explanation-no real reason-not any sense

just gretchen on my bed crying because, well, she is not sure why, but she is sad inside

why are you crying?

she says she isn’t liked and that she doesn’t have friends

what else makes you cry?

she says she studies and makes straight a’s but has to go to tutoring

is that all?

she says she is not sure why she is so sad but just telling me makes her feel better

so you are feeling better?

yes-she says- and she thanks me for not being too busy for her and thanks me for listening to her and is happy that i understand her

why have i been blessed with this wonderful mess of a girl who is so beautiful on the outside but it doesn’t compare to her inner beauty?

what have i done to deserve this caring and compassionate soul living in my home?

why was i chosen to call her daughter?

too many questions and my tears keep me from answering.

so she lays her head down on my shoulder, i dry her eyes, and she holds my hand. i silently pray for her to feel the answers that i couldn’t put words to.

and i thank Him deeply because i am so there

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