i should not encourage this but he is pretty good….this is not good….

my brother spent the weekend with us-BIG fun-so we made a cake. Charlie’s favorite cake is yellow cake with chocolate icing. easy fun and a great treat. we were watching football and i left the cake on the counter-who wouldn’t. i came downstairs to make dinner when i noticed that a large portion of icing was missing from the cake. brooks is sitting at the counter eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. he looks a little nervous but contently enjoying his sandwich-and then i notice the chocolate icing on his chin….

Question: Brooks, what happened to the cake?

Answer 1: Grace did it. (Grace is our 14 year old crippled cocker spaniel)

Answer 2: Bevo did it. (Bevo was watching the football game with us…Go HORNS!)

Answer 3: Gretchen did it. (Poor Gretchen)

Answer 4: Uncle Charlie did it. (Does that look like a fingerprint in the icing?)

Answer 5: A Sasquatch did it. (Really-are you kidding me?)

He didn’t hesitate-he didn’t blink-all answers rolled off his tongue even answer number 5.

i am going to stop lying to brooks…..whatever

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