so early saturday morning—like 7:30 am—brooks and i set out for a few aarons (errands) gretchen needed two books about davey crockett, goliath needed a new night light-anyone want a dragon-he is so cheap he is free—and our vacuum cleaner decided to retire…yes all at 7:30! so the two of head out with the chickens and start working down our list! night light-check, dyson–check, books–check… now time for a cup of coffee. brooks walks up to the counter and tells the gal-coffee please and an ice crispy treat for me–i nod yes-he drinks coffee-can you make it with cold milk and add chocolate and put it in a coffee cup-she smiles-would you like to have some whipped cream on your “coffee”? he says-yes-just don’t make it hot. i notice folks are watching. yikes…she pulls out the whipped cream can and i see the look-the look that tells me that he is thinking–yikes…

someday, can i work starbucks?

yes-if you stop doing the mom show

what about being a garbage man?

sounds like you have a decision to make

but what about the truck?

sounds like you have a tough decision to make

i don’t know what i should do?

do you know that they need someone to empty the trashcans here in starbucks

THEY DO??????

yes they do

SWEET!!!! so i can have ice crispy treats, coffee, and trash???

yes, that is possible

I am having a best day!

me too little buddy, me too

another happy day

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