do you wonder if your kids know how much you love them?

i do

i wonder if they know how precious they are to me. i wonder if they know that each night before i go to sleep i thank sweet baby jesus that they are healthy and happy.

can i prove to them how much i love them?

-we have a bearded dragon

-bearded dragons live off of live crickets

-we have crickets

-i buy live crickets every friday

-not only do i know what spirit pants are… i can make them

-my kids don’t ride the bus

-i pay way too much for preschool

-our fish were relocated to our church and we pay someone to take care of them

-giving up is not an option in our family

-i have been a cheer coach

-i hope to someday be a tee ball coach

-my kids and i are starting a book club, wanna join?

-i know where to buy the coldest chocolate milk in argyle

-i love that my daughter loves safety patrol

-i drive a boat when i have to and i get into the lake on occasion

-i have preached to my oldest to not hit or fight for the last ten years-now i cheer for him to be as aggressive as possible every saturday

-i secretly pray for long carlines-we spend a great deal of time together in them and i know that someday carlines will not be a part of my daily routine

-friday mornings at snooty pig are priceless

-we love saturday night parties-ask me, it is worth it!

does this prove anything? not really…but do i love them?

more than they will ever know-

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