last sunday-we held a baptism bash at church.

a “few” registered for the event. as I visited with kids throughout the week, i wondered if my two would decide to jump in. i didn’t want to push-or suggest-and then one afternoon in the carline, monte asks me to give him the baptism test. he and gretchen had already decided to do this-i asked the important questions and they both gave the only answers that matter. so we signed them up and invite jeff’s mom and dad-seems fairly easy wouldn’t you say….

did you know that i don’t particularly enjoy being wet? i do not enjoy public pools. i have been known to be a freak about germs….and i had never baptized anyone? for three days all i could think was sunday is coming….

i decided to spend some time thinking and planning what i would say to my kids-i knew the routine-a very cool youth pastor helped me with this part-but as far as what i wanted to say to my own kids-i was planning for a moment.

i see monte and gretchen in line with jeff. as they make their way into the pool-i can no longer choke back the tears. seriously. me, my kids, a baptism pool (that I am standing in), hundreds of people in the lobby-so many friends and family gathered around-but for a moment-it was just me-monte-gretchen…..

monte decides to go first. he sits on the step and i look into his sweet eyes. i can barely speak-no i can’t speak at all. monte whispers to me-don’t cry mom-i can do this…..number one-he says-i love jesus-i have loved him for a long time-i am ready for today, number two-i know the only way to heaven is through jesus and you know that so even after i move off and get married in the end we will end up together in heaven forever, number three-don’t look over your shoulder because dad is crying so let’s do this, i am ready….i continued to cry held on tight and in a rush let the water wash over his precious body….

i collect my thoughts and my baby girl sits down. she is crying-i am crying -and i know she knows the power of this moment. i whisper in her ear that she is loved and treasured by me and her dad-that whatever she does should honor God and that she has beauty that begins deep in her heart-i look her in the eyes and tell her that how we feel about her is nothing compared to the love God has for her-and with all that she can muster-she whispers-i know, and i believe her….i continued to cry held on tight and in a rush let the water wash over her precious body….

so for a very special sunday-i spent over four hours in a public pool-and i will never forget and will hold tight to each memory of a very happy day….

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