gretchen just finished packing brooksie’s suitcase…

longhorn shirt-check

longhorn shorts-check

underwear-check (i double checked)

tooth paste and tooth brush-check

Axe Shaggy Laid Back Look hair product-check

one pair of clean jam jams-check

his favorite stuffed monkey-check

I closed up the suitcase and smiled…

i loved watching college football with my dad. we would wake up to watch the pregame show. sit in the kitchen-his legs propped on a chair. we would eat cold pickles and drink Big Red. sometimes we would take a break and take the trash to the dump ground. but for the most part-you could find us in the kitchen

we would yell at the television

we would yell at fred ackers

we would yell at bobby bowden

and we would laugh

and talk

and spend time together

it wasn’t always easy in my house-but i had saturdays and saturdays were sweet…

as i look over the texas schedule-marking down which of my kids will go with their dad to home games-

i can almost hear him

and it makes me thankful beyond words for the father my kids have

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