i know that the chances of you ever reading this are very slim-at least as slim as our chances at a national championship this year….ggrrr-


i would like to let you know about your biggest fan. his name is brooks and i love him dearly.

he loves you dearly and cheers for you all the time.

he also wears a burnt orange number twelve jersey almost every day. that is the only things he likes to wear. day after day. to school. to church. to bed. every where. all the time. and after many days of my sweet son staring into the glass of our washer watching that one jersey tumble around and around, i asked my husband to buy a few more. he bought two more because that was all they had–so now he stares only every third day.

he thinks you are the best and he thinks that someday he can be just like you. he stands forty inches tall and weighs forty pounds in his fourth year of life. he will be great at something someday-but QB for Texas-i am not so sure.

and as we finish out this season-brooks is anxiously awaiting next season. he will get to go to games with his dad-since he will be five. that is the age of big boys around here.


thank you colt mccoy for being such a great player

thank you colt mccoy for being such a great guy

thank you colt mccoy for coming back next year

PS…and don’t change numbers

go horns,

Brooks Day’s mom

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