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i love stories.  i ask (nag) Jeff all the time to tell me a story.  when he can’t tell me a story-i dream a story up in my head.  i love to read stories other people write.  i love books. i love blogs.  i even love stories on how to write stories.

i am reading a book about stories

reading got me thinking

thinking about my story

my story started on bright white paper.  some of the pages didn’t stay so white.  some are tattered some are torn.  some are tear stained and some are hard to read.  some are harder to remember.   some of the chapters didn’t play out the way i wanted them to go-and some i wanted to rewrite all together. but that quit mattering so much once i quit fighting Him for the pen.

i know now that He is more than just fine with my story.   He leaves every chapter unedited.  i see Him using those hard chapters of the past on the bright white pages still to come.  and i trust Him. all of the pages the ones that are written and the ones that are still blank are at the mercy of a Perfect Pen.  my grace filled Author is weaving and connecting all my chapters.

i am starting to really love my story and all of the chapters-the happy ones are easy-but i am embracing the sad ones too.  it has taken me a very long time to see Him holding my book rocking in His chair.  and as He writes and rocks i see Him smiling with me and crying with me. i see Him with me.

and i can’t wait for His next page….

  • http://www.andihawkins.com Runningmama

    Me either! Great things ahead!

    Thanks for posting Christie’s story. I’m heartbroken, but also full of hope. Love you-

  • http://www.thebullardblog.blogspot.com Rebekah

    I love this post. You are amazing.

  • http://www.jamielmullins.blogspot.com Jamie Mullins

    WOW!!! What a great post my friend. So excited to read the next page in His story as you share it thru your gift of words.

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