Born Into Darkness

Sexual slavery: a legacy none want to leave…

Ninety-five percent of children of prostituted women will become prostitutes themselves.

–Sheela Remedios, Project Child (via Robert I. Freedman, “India’s Shame: Sexual Slavery and Political Corruption are Leading to an AIDS Catastrophe,” The Nation, 8 April 1996

On our way to the next brothel, there was a prostitute lying on a cot under a tent with her pimp at a table next to her.  She had white medicine covering the open wounds all over her face.  We couldn’t get details, but apparently something happened the night before.  She lay in the fetal position while her child crawled around next to her.

In another brothel, a woman sat next to me on the floor, wearing a beautiful blue-flowered sari.  This woman had sent her daughter to a home for children because she didn’t want her to grow up as a prostitute.  When we prayed for her, one of our team (a mother too) hugged her and began wailing as the woman cried.  They grieved together for her deep loss, one mother to another.

Children are everywhere in the district.  I learned from our guides that the mothers often hide them under the bed or drug them to keep them quiet and safe during “work”.  If not given to a home, most of the children will end up sexually abused themselves or trafficked into another brothel.  The mothers are forced to raise their children in depravity, or give them to a home.  For most of the women, their children are the only ones who have ever truly loved them.  It is a painful dilemma.

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