yesterday we had a decision to make-

we adopted our dog grace in 1996-jeff was in year two of medical school and i was teaching. we were living in houston and decided to adopt her from the SPCA. We named her grace. grace so that ever time i said her name i would remind myself of the promise from the cross.

She was there for baby monte, a move to little rock, baby gretchen, a move to denton, baby brooks, a move to argyle-goliath’s arrival-charlie’s arrival-big events and ever day life events-she was right in the middle of all of it. she slept by the cribs of all of my babies and would come to get me when they cried-i didn’t even bother buying a monitor. she took all our crazy changes in stride. she stayed by my side when i was really happy and when i was really sad.

almost fourteen years of holidays, celebrations, football parties, funerals, weddings, birthday parties, good times and bad times…and along the way-i learned the power of her name

yesterday we had a decision to make-

we did what she needed us to do-

and say goodbye to our life full of grace

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