i started writing this post on the 10th but could not finish.

i was too busy

too tired

too preoccupied

monte turned twelve tuesday.  and i needed to be too busy too tired and too preoccupied because it was too hard for me to handle the truth staring me in the face.

his friends decorated his locker

his friends were anxious to sing to him at lunch

his friends–that is who he wanted to be with on his birthday

and it made me sad

until i stopped and thought about how thankful i am for his friends.

his friends went to school early to prank him by taping his locker shut

his friends will go with us on a mission trip this coming march

his friends will be with him when i am not the answer

so today i am so thankful

for his mercy heart

for his unfailing courage

for his love for others

but mostly

for being his mom

happy birthday son-you are something heavenly to me

  • http://www.andihawkins.com Runningmama

    That was painfully good. Its hard to imagine my boys ever being Monte’s age. Sigh…

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