we love san antonio and austin and this past weekend-we were able to head that way-so monte, gretchen, brooks, and i headed out on thursday in pea soup fog-pointing our noses south ready for christmas with my family. 1 adult, 3 kids, 1 suitcase, winter clothes, 80 degree temps and a full tank of gas….life is good!

i got to spend the night with my brother-in his FIRST house-charmning-just like him….the ultimate charming charlie- i am so proud of him!

my mom and dan came over to have christmas-very nice– and then the next day-a little to the north-we went to my sister’s house….so GREAT-i am so proud of her! then to my aunt carmen and uncle paul’s—nothing like bar talk and great times with my family.

and then langfeld christmas–the BEST! i love my family–ALL of them!

but the very, very best part-the part that will be burned in my memory forever is the song that Leva sang.

she is a friend of my brother’s from norway-here for a short visit.

the song–i didn’t even understand-her voice-beyond amazing

and as she sang, i watched my three kids listening peacefully, my brother listening proudly, and my mom and dan listening intently…her voice in his new house reminding us of the true meaning of the season. i didn’t understand a word-i couldn’t-the words were not english–but they made me cry and i felt their power.

when leva finished-i asked…what were the words-what did they mean?

she says-they are more than a christmas carol-they are more than rhyme-they are christmas to us-a song we sing every year-a song that explains that as our hearts long for family-for comfort-for peace-for christmas…what we long for the most is our home, our true home, the home we find in him..our christ

i cried

and sat filled with the reality that He is my home

be merry

be loved

be blessed

and know that he is your home

good enough

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