i have found myself to  be too busy for Christmas-

how about you?

be honest…

time for a heart check
time for a cold look in the mirror
time to breathe

time for Christmas

as i pause and rest

i see the wonder in Brooks’s eyes-he believes and he knows that he is loved by a Baby Jesus

i see the mercy in Gretchen’s heart-she is willing to share her gifts with a sister in India

i see the courage in Monte’s heart-he finds himself in between believing and growing up-it’s a big world out there but he is getting ready

i see compassion in Jeff’s soul-he gives and gives and gives

and in me-i see …peace and thankfulness–i don’t deserve a bit of these blessings i see

but to pause and know a Savior came for me–for my kids-for my jeff-for you….

it is an overwhelming realization

to be merry this christmas

and know something so heavenly

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