a week ago-after church-i was off on a road trip.  it was a girl’s trip-not something i typically do-but this wouldnt’ be a typical girls trip either, i suppose.  i picked up two of my dearest friends (no room for trite bff references here) threw their suitcases in Black Beauty, and headed to Houston.

we knew it would be a late night.
we knew we would see lots of people.
we were going to say good-bye.

sweet Mimi had started the final chapter of her earthly story.  she is the mother of one of the girls in my car.  this girl has had a bunch of loss.  her father. her son. her brother. now her mother.   the other friend has walked right beside both of us through very tough times. she was with the other with all of those losses.  both were there for me when my father died.

these girls were not just in my car-these girls are in my heart.  i worked hard to keep them out but they were relentless.  when i made excuses -they called me on it.  when i tried to hide-they found me.  when i cried-they dried my tears.  my story is their story now.  our histories made much more rich by the each other’s presence.  our experiences shared and forever in each  other’s  memories.  each of our lives forever changed by the others.

before heading home…we sat around a matriarch.  we held hands and prayed and cried. our hearts full to overflowing -in awe of this woman who has left an immeasurable legacy.  a woman whose faith and grace shone brightly even in that dim, cold bed.  three girls sitting hand in hand moved by a woman who could no longer move herself.  and the thought at the very front of my mind was thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me this glimpse-for weaving the fabric of my story into this story.  thank you for these girls.  thank you for this woman.  thank you, thank you, thank you.

in the room..
we cried
we laughed.
we prayed.
we shared.
the thanked.
we talked.
we listened.
we turned new chapters.

hard times-we all three have had them.  great times::joyful times::blessed times:: yes yes yes and yes we have had those in abundance and dare I say to overflowing as well.

as i drove us back home, this thought settled in… i will never be the same because of these girls.  these girls are who they are because of their mothers.

riding in cars with these girls has forever changed my story.

thank you
thank you
thank you

  • http://theorganicbirdblog.com andrea

    whoa. tears. what a legacy you are honoring, building and sowing. so beautiful.

  • http://Www.impulsivejoy.com Joy Bowen

    Love it jenn. I am so grateful that God knows just the perfect relationships we need. He fills the potholes of our journey with people who reflect His love back to us. Glad you shared this story!

  • http://www.southernexposurefotos.com Tracey Clifton

    Thanks Jenn, loved reading this…So glad to see your smiling face on Sunday…so delighted to be back home. Jesus welcomed me through your arms and I can’t wait to see you again next week!

  • http://www.momof2boys96.blogspot.com amy cooper

    Thanks for sharing Jenn! I love reading your blog

  • nikki

    Wow, what a beautiful picture! Thanks for loving my Mimi (and the rest of her family for that matter) so well. We love u!!

  • Jenn

    thanks for the posts friends….glad that each of you stopped by!!!!!

  • Raine

    Oh my goodness… tears on my face. My spirit was in the car with you that day, riding along loving all three of you, and loving that precious beautiful wonder matriarch. Just read some of the blogs you switched over… tears and love for you. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU! And we love you more than words can say.

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