This weekend I had my two bigs complete Strength Explorer.  They were less than thrilled to take a “test” on a Saturday night-but they humored me.  The test was short and for that, they were thankful. We also received instant results—something to work with right away and kids today are all about instant gratification.

I think my kids are awesome.  I tell them all the time.  I gush about how great their grades are and how fun it was to watch them on the field or or the court.  But this test showed them,on paper, their strengths at their cores.

It gave Monte permission to ask questions all the time, to day dream about what big things he wants to accomplish after high school. He was able to understand why he hates to lose and why he has to participate in things even if a win is not guaranteed.

Gretchen read her  strengths and beamed.  She has great depths of compassion for others. She has a desire to seek out the friendless and draw them in.  She sat with those pages in her hand dreaming about mission trips and noble callings.

As they read through their results, I teared up.  I realized that I haven’t always told them the things they needed to hear in the ways they needed to hear it.  I have encouraged them to do certain things and be certain things but not always the best things for them.

This test served as a check up more for me, I have concluded.  One of my strengths is learning.  And this weekend, I learned on of the best lessons of all.

I learned more about my kids.

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