When I was a little girl, I had big dreams of becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.  I had a blue and white satin jacket that I wore for way too long. I would watch games with my dad just to see the girls on the sidelines.  I have recently updated my resume.  Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader was not something I could write down in my experiences section.  A few weeks ago, I made the decision to walk away from a position that I loved to see what else there is for me to do.  This week, I got a chance to walk out in that decision and see what that something else could be.

I met a friend and his wife at a doctor’s office after lunch.  The sun was bright and warm outside but inside the news was cold and harsh.  The doctor explained the tests and what the results could mean.  He talked through the next steps.  As he spoke,  the first words of this tremendous man’s final chapter were being written. I tuned out trying not to cry in front of these two people that I love. The news was not good, I could feel the weight of the sadness. Then this sweet man reached over and grabbed his wife’s hand and whispered  to her, “I will be just fine.” Through his smile, my heart cheered for knowing this life well lived.   With her questions, I became fully aware of the story in front of me.  I was sitting in the presence of a mighty man of God and his Titus woman who have loved their Jesus and have served Him well every day of their lives.

I left that office and drove to a hospital. The sun was bright and warm outside and inside the news was hopeful and joy filled. The doctors said she was just fine.  Her hair  perfectly red and her skin porcelain white.  Her mommy resting comfortably. Her plastic push cart crib empty because her daddy’s arms were full of her. She was utterly and completely perfect.  She belonged in here not the cold and harsh NICU.  My heart cheered in this room filled with peace and love and thankfulness. I watched her momma watch her husband fall in love with His princess.  I became fully aware of the story in front of me.  I was sitting in the presence of a family that loved their Jesus and would serve Him well every day of their lives.

Driving home, I called a friend.   He asked me what I did that day.  I smiled to myself. I told him it was different day of sorts.   I recapped my two stories.  His life lessons have left him wise and full of advice I needed to hear.   He reminded me to focus on the most important things. How many hours I worked or how many meetings I could attend didn’t matter as much as they once seemed.  Hundreds of emails and text messages a day aren’t the things that make us important.  He reminded me to dig deep yet be still and realize what Christ has called me to be.  As this something else for me to do unfolds, I choose to not be remembered merely as a hard worker but as a good friend.

On this day, in my new chapter, I saw life in it’s twilight and life at it’s dawn both under the same sunshine. Thank you Mr. Tom and Miss Landry for my day as a cheerleader in Dallas.  Turns out, I didn’t need the pom poms after all.

  • Jamie the great!

    You forgot to mention how you talked me off the ledge before, during, and after the cat scan!! I love how God is realigning you into His perfect place for you! Can’t wait to see the journey continue… Sometimes we wonder in hindsight- what took is this long??!
    Btw, I think you’d be pretty sexy in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader uniform!

    PS- did you mean to say TOM LANDRY!? You are forever clever…

  • http://jenniferjday.com jenn

    you are right!!!! i did forget the cat scan….and about Tom Landry–but i will not agree about the uniform :/

    i love you too

  • Monte

    love you mom

  • http://abovethetimberline.blogspot.com/ BHerrian

    I like Mr Tom and he likes Corban. Such a great attitude. What a relief for Matt & Jenn. What a good woman of God you are. Thanks for writing.

  • Wendy

    My dear friend,

    You are definitely a cheerleader for me. Thank you for our talk on Friday (and the millions of others we have shared and will share).

    Love you mucho!

  • RK

    Beautiful writing! My heart is touched beyond words… thanks for your love and grace… we praise Jesus for all of it!

  • Christy H

    This was a great post. You are a wonderful woman and mean a lot to our family. We miss seeing you. 🙂

    • Jenn

      thanks so much-you said such very nice things… I miss seeing your family as well. I think of the boys often and what great leaders they are growing up to be. hope to talk to you very soon-maybe i will catch you in the lobby!!!!

  • grettie

    love ya mommy!!

    (I would LOOVVE to make breakfast in bed for you EVERY day!!)

    • Jenn

      that was the best gift ever!!!! I love being your mom! thanks for being such a great daughter….i love you dearly!!!!

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