Paying attention to our ministry environments matters.  That whole cleanliness and Godliness thing is a big deal.  It may not be the most exciting thing to get creative about BUT cleanliness is sometimes overlooked.   We can forget that every part of our ministry sends a message including our environments.  Calming paint colors, doorframes that are in good condition, clean windows, organized toys, and the absence of bad smells relate our commitment to excellence for families.  A great budget is always nice but getting creative on how to store materials can be a great challenge for generating creative solutions.  When our rooms are busy and disorganized it sends a message.   It is important to hold cleanliness as a top priority in your ministry.  As a ministry leader, your calendar is already packed so enlist the help of a volunteer or two! Set them up to succeed by giving them realistic expectations of what you are looking for in clean environments.  Have them work on certain areas at a time.  Divide the work up so that all environments are covered.  An example schedule may be classroom shelves one week and then closets the next.  Set up a schedule that works for you.  With effort and time, your environments will reflect your priorities and your families will be thankful for it!

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