Our church decided to do a Tailgate Party to kickoff the new year. It was a chance for us to get together, celebrate, and spend time in community. I thought it would be a great time to kick start my year’s commitment to helping my kids be better servants.

We are calling it J.O.Y 2012

We made treat bags filled with candy with the instructions to eat one and share the rest. We also printed out calendars that had easy ways for kids to put others first. We decorated our table and passed out candy bags to all our friends! It was a great day and was super experience for my kids to see that giving is not all that bad!

Finding opportunities for your kids to serve is not as hard as you think! But I want to make it easier for you! Each month, I am going to post a calendar that will give your kids daily ideas on how to put others first. Simply print and click-share with your friends if you like!

And please post about the great things you catch your kids doing! We all have some really great kids that do really great things by serving others. I would love to hear stories about your kids serving in 2012!

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