it’s time..

It has been for a while.

But I needed to run through all the excuses and organize a closet or two or three before I could find the courage to steady my fingers and find new words.  I was waiting.  WAITING-have you ever waited before? It is grueling and painful and heart wrenching yet beautiful and calming and sacred.  But now it’s time…

it’s time…

to praise my Savior

to adore my husband

to cheer for my kids

to celebrate with my friends

to pray for our world

to love those who are lost

to champion the broken

to strike these keys

Last year I found words and lost my voice but just for a season.  Just long enough for the silence to allow a new reality to settle in .  A reality without what I had known but with an abundance of so much more.  A life of wide open roads and fenceless spaces.  A life of glorious friends and treasured memories.  i can hardly wait for what’s in store…

and where are you?

are you waiting in the dark of the longest night?

are you afraid of all that may not be?

are you wondering if He remembers your voice?

I promise, He does.

He sits.

He waits.

He weeps.

and He knows when

it’s time…

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