This week, I had a few conversations about current church attendance patterns and  today’s families.  One blog in particular stirred up a ton of comments on the topic.  I was surprised by some of the comments and a few of them made total sense.

I am a working mom with two kids in high school and one kid in elementary school.  We keep a fairly busy schedule but are careful to not let it get too overwhelming.   I have heard a lot of  reasons to miss church –but there so many great reason to attend.

I think church is a wonderful place to be

…i love seeing families come in together-some on mountain tops and some in valleys but I see them.

And they see each other

And they see friends-they worship together-learn together-pray together.

And I love being a part of that community.

Sure, the pace of life has changed over the years and I’m sure some who miss may be out on church due to past experience…

But I feel like i want to shout… “Don’t give up!”

I think getting plugged in at a local church–serving in the church and in the community of that church makes a huge difference. Meeting people, sitting down for a cup of coffee with a friend after service, being a small group leader in the student or kid ministry ( <3) are things I would miss out on if I didn’t go to church.

And I love those things.

I love the opportunities –tons of opportunities to serve and grow because of church.  I know, church isn’t perfect and it can be really messy but it is worth it.  It is worth the work and worth the effort. It’s worth your early mornings.  It’s worth working in to your already busy schedule.  It’s worth moving past hurt and hard places. And how do I know it’s worth it?

  • Happy tears streaming down mom’s and dad’s facing as they watch their kiddos get  baptised
  • Kids running to class with huge smiles on their faces…and DRAGGING their parents with them!
  • Friends shaking hands, saying hello, saying…”It’s great to see you!”
  • Hearing the Gospel and sharing the Good News
  • People huddled together in prayer for each other drying tears reminding each of us of the hope in the world

These things can happen outside of church walls–and they do all the time.

But with the recent chatter of what may be wrong with church and what makes folks not come to church–i just wanted to say that some really great things are going on inside the church walls as well

and I love every part of the conversation.


  • Raine

    Terrific! I agree completely. Don’t give up. It is redemptive!!

    • Jennifer Day

      love you my raine

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